Mushy Introduction


Just because I like to be open and wear my heart on my sleeve. I have nothing to hide. I don’t care what any of you think of me. If ever Billy forgets how much I love him, I have this blog as an online reminder for him.


I have created 3 main blogs:
Mirrors Through Photography
My Twin Flame Journey with William Patrick Corgan
My Twin Flame Journey with Billy Corgan

I’m aware that I’m really putting myself out there, especially with being so forward and using his name. I have made myself a sacrifice by going forward with all of this. Am I stalling my own physical union or destroying any chance with him? Hard to say at this point and who knows, maybe I did make matters worse or much delayed by not being silent about it. But I also felt it was more important to share my story and help inspire others. Author Neale Donald Walsch has said, “your life is not about you.” If I’m able to find all of these things between us, maybe I’m supposed to do what I did. Perhaps there’s a meaning to finding everything I can and being able to show it. Perhaps there’s a reason why I can and many others get triggered by it or are unable to fulfill anything that I did. Am I showing the hand of God working through Twin Flames and their mirrors? Did I just show a murder mystery through our mirrors? Is this more a reason behind why many people don’t want twin flames to be together because many answers can be revealed just by observing our timelines?

I have also created these blogs to give hope to those who think they are crazy to admit their twin flame is a world famous mega celebrity. It’s not to boast in saying, hey my twin flame is a rich celebrity NA NA NA suckers. Having a celebrity for a Twin Flame has its own journey. I have created articles about the topic throughout my blogs besides showing our mirrors based on things I find between me and my counterpart.


This blog was the beginning of my pages. I created this page because while I was discovering everything about twin flames, I started to find some naysayers who would say, no, your twin flame is not famous! I created this blog to show yes, you can have a famous Twin Flame. We are everything they say a Twin Flame is! I believe I’m showing it here.

I have created collages showing our mirrors side by side. I can show the physical world through photography. Showing the inner world, like dreams or telepathy that happen between Twin Flames is more difficult but, overall, I believe telepathy is shown within each photograph if you see it in this way. Nothing was planned between us. I can’t make any of this up, I’m just showing what is.


When I began this blog, I started with making this into a book format but I also ended up with other thoughts of my day to day journey and messed up my original format. I have since decided to move everything that was in chapters and create a second blog just for the original book formatted idea. I have deleted the chapters here. In observation of the stats of this blog, I found too many people didn’t want to scroll to the bottom and find the book portion, they only viewed the items on the top portion.

As it stands, this blog is more of my daily thoughts, ideas, rants news and anything else. One day some items may end up as inspiration for new articles to be posted on my Mirrors Through Photography page or even added to my book formatted blog. So some pages here may disappear, and be deleted without notice as they are now merged into my larger projects.


This blog is my online book formatted blog that was once at My Twin Flame Journey with William Patrick Corgan page. I wanted to have it laid out with the title of each blog page as a chapter of a book. Once I started posting other things outside of the chapters idea, the original book idea was being lost as I couldn’t figure out how to move the pages around to how I wanted without getting more involved with coding and web design. Although I know I could eventually create it, it was just too time consuming for me without hiring outside help with money I didn’t have. So, I just signed up for another WordPress page and moved things around.

This blog is my attempt at sharing my life story with the world. As my counterpart is worldly famous for many years, most people can find out about him and his life while I’m a private citizen and not much is known about me to the people who know my counterpart or who want to know who I am.

I wrote a article titled YES, YOUR TWIN FLAME CAN BE A CELEBRITY, with more information about how you can have a celebrity Twin Flame.


This page was created for all of my mushy love feelings like poems and memes. I am secure with myself and I know what I want. I am not ashamed nor embarrassed. I know where my heart is and has been since the first time I heard his voice in 1995 and had no idea who he was nor looked liked until I bought the album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and seen the one band picture. I didn’t know who any of the band members were but I picked him right out from the one group photo and non of them were holding their instruments. This blog is the even-though-we-are-in-physical-separation, I-want-to-remind-you-that-I-love-you-always-and-forever-just-in-case-you-forget-in-this-illusionary-matrix website.




More information of my blogs unfoldment can be found on my book blog Introduction MY TWIN FLAME JOURNEY WITH BILLY CORGAN and also Mirrored in the Introduction of MIRRORS THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY website.

Sitemaps to both pages are found here:



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